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Memo Stephens

Resurge Cover 5The book that started it all, RESURGE: A Memoir (A Shattered Man, Broken Dreams, and Life Changing Magic at the End of the World)

Resurge is a memoir about personal transformation, and overcoming illness when all of the doctors said it wasn’t possible. It’s a story of Hope where there was none, and an honest and insightful path to healing and wellness for millions.

The Resurgence Program Easy Eating Guide by Memo Stephens The Resurgence Program Easy Eating Guide

It seems like everywhere I go these days, everyone I meet asks the same question, “What do you eat?” If I try to start explaining all the reasons why I’ve changed my eating habits, their eyes glaze over and they start thinking about mowing the lawn. So, I’ve finally given in, and just written it all down in plain English.

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