Hi,  I’m Memo Stephens, the CEO and Founder of Sterling Adventure Group, LLC, a company dedicated to helping men and women like you to completely Rewrite Your Life Story. I’m also the author of RESURGE: A Memoir (A Shattered Man, Broken Dreams, and Life Changing Magic at the End of the World), a two book series available now at Amazon, and the founder of The Resurgence Program. 

My Content

For the past several years, a lot of my friends, acquaintances, and several doctors have marveled at the way I transformed my life and my health, and asked if I would serve as their personal mentor. I’ve decided to be a mentor to everyone who wants to hear my message.

My vision is to help passionately driven people extend their careers and lives, their productive-prime, with a foundation of wellness, and purposeful lifestyle renovation.

I write about personal growth and achievement, health related hot topics, and the integration of life altering changes in lifestyle and behavior.

I’m direct with my opinions and painfully honest in sharing my experiences about the changes in nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle that gave me a second chance at life, and a second career. I try to make it relevant and help you integrate the useful bits into your own quest for health and happiness, and a successful life.

A Brief Biography

I’ve served in an Executive leadership role with two of the largest pharmaceutical / healthcare companies in the world, and was previously an executive in the food industry. In the course of my profession, I interacted frequently with government agencies that regulated safety and health, and agents of the DEA.

Over the years I’ve been enlisted to give private industry counseling to congressional leaders as they sought to provide their constituents with easier access to prescription drugs; I’ve led a lobbying team to support legislation for prescription drug benefits for seniors; and served on committees dedicated to planning emergency relief in the event of a nuclear, biological, or chemical disaster.

I left the corporate world in 2006, after a deeply personal tragedy and declining health, and retired with my wife, Cindy, to our home in South America. I was critically ill, clinically obese, and doctors in both hemispheres gave me little hope of recovery. Since that time, I’ve devoted my life to personal discovery, learning, and recovering health, fitness, and life from the brink.

I succeeded in doing what doctors told me couldn’t be done, and now I’m mentoring others in the same art of wellness and personal achievement.

At the age of 45, I weighed 270 lbs. I was being slowly crippled by an autoimmune disease, and doctors told me I was a walking heart attack. Now at 57, I weigh 170 lbs, and have nearly the exact physique I maintained when I was a 20 year old athlete.

But my story is not just about weight loss. It’s about recovering wellness from illness, from the edge of life. And it’s about the previously unknown physical and cognitive achievements that wait for all of us through living well.

Memo Stephens before and after

The Resurgence Program is all of this information, learning, and discovery synthesized into a pathway that anyone can follow.

My wife and I now split our time between a home in Atlanta, Ga, and our mountain house in the lakes region of Patagonia, at the end of the world. I write, I speak, and I try to help other people change their lives for the better through wellness.

The rest of the time I can frequently be found exploring Patagonia with a fly rod in hand.  To read about some of my outdoor exploits, check out: The Patagonia Journal.


You can contact me by email me or follow me on Facebook or LinkedIn. If you send an email, please be patient, as I receive a fair bit, but I make every attempt to return them all.

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