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Resurge Cover 5I wrote this book, RESURGE: A Memoir (A Shattered Man, Broken Dreams, and Life Changing Magic at the End of the World) for everyone who is currently in their productive prime years, and want to live a healthier, longer, and more successful life.

I take the readers through my years of struggle and transformation, and show them the exact program I developed and used to pull my life back from the brink, and recover from critical illness and obesity.

I explain in step by step detail how to take the most current empirical knowledge about nutrition and wellness, and successfully integrate life altering change in the midst of an already busy life.

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The Resurgence Program Easy Eating Guide by Memo Stephens

The Resurgence Program Easy Eating Guide is nothin’ but the facts. The guidelines I have followed for the past several years to lose 100 pounds, and recover from a crippling autoimmune disease. This is the nutritional plan that has saved my life, and the same one I follow every single day.

It seems like everywhere I go these days, everyone I meet asks the same question, “What do you eat?” If I try to start explaining all the reasons why I’ve changed my eating habits, their eyes glaze over and they start thinking about mowing the lawn. So, I’ve finally given in, and just written it all down in plain English.

It’s a short read. The plain truth. And it might shock you when you see how much I’m eating, and losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time. I eat like a rented mule, and I have the body of a twenty year old athlete (and I’m a long ways past 20). I’m just eating the right stuff.

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The Resurgence Program Easy Eating Guide

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