Business Meeting Pro: The Corporate Survival Guide

A Business meeting can be the foundation of your career, or the bane of your existence. Learn to work them like a pro.

You can use some of the most basic Lifestyle enhancing techniques to improve your professional world. They can make you better at what you do.

I’ll ignore the obvious stuff, like, Be Prepared for the Topic. Here’s a few ideas to make you better at working the room in a business meeting, and using them as a platform to boost your value in the company.

  • business meeting breathing Turn Down the Volume  –  You can’t fill a glass that’s already full…  If you’ve been dealing with a lot of other things before the meeting is set to start, then take a few minutes to empty the glass and turn down the volume in your head. Here’s a few ways to do it: 1) Take a Two Minute Breathing Break (grab a Free copy of my 7 Easy Rituals eBook for details) and bring down your heart rate and the volume of noise in your head. 2) Take a two minute walk around the office, or better yet, outside in a green space if you have one. Nothing clears the mind like a walk in a natural setting.
  • Learn to Really Listen  –  The human brain is always trying to qualify or quantify everything it’s hearing in real time. (What did I just hear? How many car horns are blowing? What direct did it come from ? Why does he think That’s important?, etc.)  Eventually you stop hearing what’s being said because your brain is stuck in Analysis Mode of something said five minutes ago. You can learn to Absorb information and keep up with what’s being presented. Try a short practice in Sensory Meditation to get you started.
  • Get It Right  – The Devil is in the details, so just in case, record the meeting if it doesn’t bother anyone. I’m become a raving fan of Evernote as my digital file cabinet, and can easily record meetings with Evernote on my cellphone and store them as a note to review later. If recording is out, then note-taking is a critical skill to master. Focus again on key words and phrases, and try not to go into Analysis Mode too quickly.
  • business meeting listeningRepose  –  Business meetings can turn into passionate debates, and sometimes egos get bruised. It can damage your
    career path faster than fake news in a tabloid. No matter what your colleagues are doing, try to keep a calm state of repose. Adsorb the information, and give opinions with confidence and respect to your peers. Be the duck on the water; calm on the surface regardless of what those little legs are doing below the water.
  • Purposeful Reflection  –  Now it’s time for Analysis Mode. Qualify and quantify to your heart’s content, and try to be objective about it.
  • Action  –  Without an actionable outcome, the meeting was a waste of your time. Make it happen.

Taking a mindful, focused approach to business meetings, and maintaining a state of repose and objectivity will make your life easier, and make you far more successful at working with teams and making good decisions.

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