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If you are like most of my readers, you’re passionately driven to win. And you want to keep on winning in your career and in life for a long time. It’s important for you to succeed for yourself and your family, and you want a healthy and happy lifestyle to enjoy everything you’ve worked hard for.

Memo Stephens winning at life

But you’ve been at this game a while now, and modern life as started collecting its toll on you, both physically and mentally. The struggles of modern lifestyle: long hours, travel, careless eating habits, and stress, have snuck up on you.

The genuinely important components of your life, like family and health became part of your multitasking lifestyle.

You commute home in darkness almost every evening, tired and hungry. Not the kind of tired that comes from sport or exertion, but the kind that comes from being motionless; your blood pooling in the extremities and muscles atrophying. The kind of tired that comes from mental and emotional turmoil. The walking-dead tired of the modern world. So tired that sleep rarely comes without the aid of several margaritas, really stiff margaritas.


Does This Sound Like You?

Be honest with yourself:

  • Have you been slowly gaining weight over the years?
  • Have you had any health scares recently, or had to take time to care for someone else?
  • Do you lack the physical energy and emotional enthusiasm to be there for everyone you love?
  • You worry you might not be physically or mentally capable of enjoying everything you’ve worked so hard for at the end of the game?

If you answered Yes to any of these, you’re in the company of millions. We are the largest community on the planet, people who are trying to live a dedicated life but have lost, or are losing, the real foundations of living.

I Know Exactly How You Feel

I’ve walked more than a mile in your shoes. I know what it feels like to wake up one day, and realize that I don’t recognize the man standing in the mirror before me. I know what its like to be drawn into the rigors of modern life and lose touch with the foundations of living.

I fought my way to the top, only to come crashing back to earth when my health failed.

As a former Executive, Vice President with one of the largest healthcare companies in the world, and now as a successful entrepreneur in my second life, I have faced the reality that the modern views of balancing careers with health and family were all wrong.

Health and Wellness aren’t counterweights that need balancing against your work and family; they are the very foundations that make career and family possible.

If you’re like me, the wake up call has already happened, or will happen soon; and you’re looking for ways to get your life under control.

Rewrite Your Life Story with Purposeful Lifestyle Renovation.


My Goal in Writing, Speaking, and Mentoring

My vision is to share the experiences, discovery, learning, and deep personal conviction that helped me recover from critical illness and get a second shot at life. With practical resources and understanding to help you rebuild the foundations of fitness and mental acuity to achieve your dreams, and be there at the end to enjoy it all.

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