Life’s Purpose: Will You Regret the Dreams You Let Die?

The dreams you had when you were young and unencumbered by the realities of the world, were the voices of the universe calling to you. These were your Life’s Purpose.

What did You dream of?

I’m not talking about the “What do you want to be when you grow up?” things. Too many people around you are influencing those ideas. I mean the things that you dreamed of doing, or experiencing, or accomplishing when you didn’t have to justify it to someone else.

What things did you dream of doing when you were all by yourself? Before the rest of the world convinced you it wasn’t possible?

I dreamed of a life in the outdoors. Mountains, rivers, and emerald green lakes around me. Skiing the first snowfall in winter (even though I grew up in Florida), casting to rising trout in the spring, and exploring wild forests. I dreamed of building my own home on the side of a mountain with a view of the water (like Thoreau). I even dreamed of having the most fascinating friendships with people from around the world who were creative and passionate, and shared my vision of heaven.

When I grew up, I put those dreams behind me as we’re taught to do with childish things. I embraced my future in professional accomplishment, just the way my dad planned it.

The next thirty years weren’t entirely wasted. I accomplished a lot, gained the respect of many, and earned a decent living.

So why did I still have this nagging feeling that this wasn’t what I was meant to do with my life?

Was this really my life’s purpose?

So why did I still have this nagging feeling that this wasn't what I was meant to do with my life? Click To Tweet

I’ve written at length about how I completely rewrote my own life story, and improved my physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. (Learn more HERE) But just recently I realized that along the way through this magnificent journey, I was unconsciously pursuing all of the dreams I had as a boy.

Maybe my subconscious mind was trying to keep me from having regrets when I reach my deathbed. Who knows.

As if by magic, I now find myself living in the land of my dreams in a house on the mountain that I built myself. I ski, I fish, I trek and explore, and find myself in the company of incredible people.

The most interesting men and women I could imagine are my regular companions. Adventurers and outdoorsmen, world renowned painters, artists, and photographers, and even a theoretical particle physicist are among the friends I’ve come to have in my second life.

And they are all here doing the same thing; living out their dreams. Birds of a feather, I guess.

The world I dreamed of all those years ago has come alive. And not through shear force of will, but by embracing the most natural elements of life’s purpose, and following the path I was meant to walk all along.

I think when we’re young, our hearts and minds are more deeply connected to the world around us. We have time. We’re curious, and seeking adventures and answers. The responsibilities of adult living haven’t stuck us in the box yet.

What did You dream of? And will you regret not doing it?

Please write to me, I’d love to hear about it.

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