Making Friends for a Successful Life

Making friends who encourage you and support your strengths, may be the single most important factor in living a healthy and successful life.

I started the process of rewriting my Life Story over 11 years ago, and the saga continues. It’s a never-ending path.

Despite the ups and downs and straying off-course once in a while (God invented tequila to keep me from ruling the world), I’m always heading in the general direction of my compelling vision: a healthy, happy, and successful life. The one thing that always keeps me coming back to my path, is my community of friends.

My friends keep me honest.

I strolled into a little cafe last week to meet some friends for a coffee, and like all cafes in San Martin de los Andes, this one is loaded with unbelievable delicacies filled with sugar, gluten, and everything that calls me to the dark side. One of my usually-supportive friends broke, and ordered two jam filled pastries and asked if I wanted one too (evil temptress), and just as the weakness and submission started to show across my face, my more-supportive-friend said, “No! You can’t do that! It would devastate our image of you and your strength to live well!” God bless you Maria Jose.

It's important to not only find the right friends, but to be the right friend for someone else… Click To Tweet

Sometimes even a professional wellness mentor like me has his moments of doubt and pain. I’m human. And I need my community to prop me up sometimes.

We need community to celebrate every little victory with us; to share our concerns and fears with; and to give back with courage; and sometimes for someone to tell us “No” when we aren’t strong enough to say it ourselves.

It’s wonderful if you find all of those qualities in one person, but more likely you need to seek out others who are trying to follow the same path to a compelling vision. And be prepared  to offer something in return. It’s important to not only find the right friends, but to be the right friend for someone else too.

For a new beginning this year, forget resolutions. Create a compelling vision of the person you want to be and the life you want to live, and work on making friends who will keep you on your path.


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