Think and Grow Well?

The concept of “Think and Grow Well” doesn’t work any better than “Think and Grow Rich”. At some point you have to stop thinking and actually do something.

I’m a huge fan of Napoleon Hill. His work on the tactics and traits of the wealthiest investors of all time offered brilliant insights into a world that escapes most people. But his book title and insinuation of using mere thought to create outcomes is a load of bovine scat. Thinking about doing something is the path to perpetual procrastination. Planning and taking action is the path to achievement.

This is the fundamental challenge I’ve seen my entire life, both in the corporate realm and now in my life as a wellness mentor. Distinguishing between the creation of goals (thinking), and application (doing something). I believe goals are extremely important in that they provide a direction. A heading on the compass. But being able to focus on taking decisive action right now, in this moment, is the difference between people who dream of being well and those who are well.

Thinking about doing something is the path to perpetual procrastination. - Memo Stephens Click To Tweet

Mindfulness is one of the most important skills you can develop to help you make real changes in your life and your pants size. Mindfulness practice brings you fully into the moment, and in the moment is where the battle for change is won.

So let’s take an “in this moment” challenge. If you’re reading this right now, you’ve obviously got a few minutes of free time, so give it a try. Stop and think about your present moment. Are you nibbling on a doughnut? Stop. Are you drinking a soda? Stop and get a glass of water. Are you surfing the internet? Get up and take a five-minute walk around the office, or better yet, up and down the stairs a few times. Anything you do right this moment that’s healthier than what you were doing five minutes ago is a positive investment in your future.

Stay focused on what you’re doing in the moment, and take action to do something better. Be Doer, not a Thinker.



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