Signs it’s Time to Change Your Life

How do you know when it’s time to change your life? It’s so easy to get sucked into the normal pace of life that you lose track of what’s happening to you.

It sounds strange that people need to be made aware that it’s time to change their life; but it happened to me.

So here’s a few signs to get you started. You can make your own list as you go along.

1#   You start having the Monday dreads before lunch on Sunday.

Maybe it’s not so much that you hate what you do to earn your living, as it is that you aren’t actually spending much time living when you aren’t earning. Whether you have a little or a lot of spare time, spend it doing something that brings you joy; or with people that make you smile. Don’t waste a moment of your life, because you’ll never get it back.

2#   You feel the most lonely when you are surrounded by people.

Having a lot of company is not the same as having a supportive community. I’ll take one really great friend over a thousand idiots who say they’re my friend but never step up when I need them.

Find people who share your passion, encourage your strengths, and will never let you down. Be patient, it might take a while.

3#   You spend a lot of time dreaming about being someone else.

Why dream about being someone else when you Can be someone else? I know, it’s scary. Big deal; just get over it and take the leap.

Don’t be afraid to rewrite your life story. If you need help with that, call me.

4#   You talk about doing everything; and do nothing.

Know anyone like this? “I’m going to visit there someday!” “I’m going to get in shape when I have more time.” “I’m going to be happy as soon as I have this.”

For Pete’s sake, quit the babbling and take something that resembles action.

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5#   You start a lot of days with “hair of the dog”.

This isn’t about having a glass of your favorite wine with dinner, or one or two cold beers on a hot summer afternoon. It’s about power drinking.

People drink a lot at night for two reasons: they need to drown out the misery of their day, because they hate their life; or because they’ve been doing it so long they have a chemical addiction but won’t admit it.

I grew up in a household with two alcoholic parents, I’m not easily fooled, and I don’t have much sympathy.

6#   You always want to try what someone else is doing.

Which diet is Oprah doing now? If I turn my hat this way, I’ll look just like the cool guy on tv. Kim wears yoga pants everywhere!….(ugh.)

Be Yourself.

Be who the world needs you to be.

Be a Fu*%ing leader.

7#   Your bed at home doesn’t feel as natural as the hotel beds.

I hated when this happened to me. Sometimes you have to travel for work, but trust me, when it starts feeling this way you’re heading down a bad road. In particular if you have any desire to have a life and friends outside of work.

8#   You can’t say No to anyone.

“Sure, I can come in and work on Christmas.” “Yes, I’ll take care of that for you.” “Of course, just take my checkbook and tell me when it’s empty.”

You will always be the most help and best friend to others when you’re not just living like a doormat.

9#   You have three different sizes of clothes in your wardrobe from the past ten years.

Anyone who says weight gain is supposed to happen as we get older is wrong. Gaining weight is a sign that our bodies are not functioning properly, or not getting what they need in terms of nutrition or lifestyle to maintain a healthy weight. Period.

I was a fat guy for almost 20 years, trust me, it’s time to change your life.

For some good advice from a great doctor, try this site.

10#   You have more than one box full of magazines in the room about something you’d like to do more of.

Are you a wish and dream collector? Spend more than $100 a month on glossy pics of the life you long for? Why not save that $100, and at the end of every year you’ll have enough to buy a plane ticket to anywhere in the world.

11#   You think about everyone’s happiness before your own.

No explanation needed; it’s time to change your life.

12#   You’re so busy feeling sorry for yourself that you don’t see how much you have going for you.

Try a little practice in Gratitude every morning to start your day. You might be surprised just how much you really have to be happy about in your life.

13#   The truth about when it’s time to change your life scares the crap out of you.

You weren’t born to live an easy, boring, unfulfilling life. You were born to go out and be a vital part of this crazy world.

Be what you were born to be.

And if you haven’t figured that out yet, then do a bunch fun stuff until you do.

What was Your wakeup sign? I’d enjoy hearing from you. 

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