Why Would I Want to Change My Life?

Some people spend their lives sitting on the fence; they look up at the stars and say, “I want to change my life!”, and then keep waiting for the universe to push them down the right path.

I met a wonderful couple yesterday. The husband was about my age, and looked very much like I did many years ago; over-weight, over-stressed, and extremely tired. His wife was far more fascinated by the story of how I managed to change my life, and she begged me to share the “triggers” that would help her husband put down his work occasionally to take better care of himself.

Here’s a few things that triggered me to change my life:

  1.  I became aware of my mortality.

    When you’re young and full of beans it just never occurs to you that you can actually die. Mortality is a consequence that seems too far away in the future to think about. A case of encephalitis and nearly dying made me feel a little more vulnerable. Have you experienced a health scare?

  2. I started losing the ability to take care of myself.

    I explained away all the aches and pains as just normal stuff, until my hands were so swollen that my wife had to tie my shoe laces for me every morning. Can you still do everything you need to do on your own, or do you count on someone else to do the hard stuff? 

  3. The person I love most in this world needed me to be strong.

    In one instant my life changed, when my wife was nearly killed in a car crash. She needed me more than ever at that moment; and I was barely able to take care of myself. If someone you love was severely injured or sick, do you have the energy to be there for them?

  4. I realized what consequences my lifestyle would have for people around me.

    How you live your life, and how well or poorly you age will have far reaching implications for a lot of people. People who love you and may be forced to care for you. People who rely on your experience and knowledge, your humor and companionship. If you come to a bad end it will effect them all along with you.

  5. I remembered how awesome it was to be healthy.

    I have an ego, I admit it. And as my fit physique started coming back, I liked the way I looked and felt, and I like when other people acknowledge it. Confidence and a little pride in your appearance are not bad things.

  6. I realized if I could change my life, I could accomplish all of my dreams.

    Once you figure out how to control your health and happiness, everything else is easy. All those things you dreamed of as a kid; chase ’em all. And you’ll come up with a few new ones along the way.

  7. It pissed me off when doctors told me I couldn’t get my life back.

    I hate being told that I can’t accomplish something. It makes me even more determined to Prove Them All Wrong. After I proved that it was possible to recover and get my life back, they asked me to write a book about it. Go figure.

What triggers you to want to change your life is totally up to you. The only thing that matters is that you find something that works for you. Something that brings you the passion and conviction to take the path you were born to take, instead of the path that society put you on all those years ago.

Decide for yourself who you were born to be.

What triggered you? Tell us about it. Your experience might help someone else, so please feel free to comment below, and don’t forget to SHARE this post with all your friends!

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