The most enjoyable part of my life is sharing my experiences, observations, and successes with others who are trying hard to improve the quality of their lives and their professional success. If this sounds like you, we need to connect.


Here are several ways you can have access to my experience and understanding of wellness, and its impact on life and career success. They are arranged in order from those that require little to no investment up to those that require the most.

1. Search my website. I have written a number of posts and continue to ad new ones on varying topics every week. If I haven’t addressed something you are interested in, chances are I might in the future. Just use the search box in the upper right hand corner of this page.

 2. Subscribe to my Latest News. I publish new updates several times each week. I write about personal growth and achievement, wellness, nutrition, fitness, and the integration of life altering change. By subscribing, you’ll be the first to know about my latest revelation. Learn More >

3. Take advantage of my free eBooks and products. I like to give things away, and particularly things that might help people who are facing the same pressures of life that almost got the best of me. From time to time you’ll see digital products offered for free download, or free videos. I hope you find them valuable.

4. Buy my Books. RESURGE: A Memoir (A Shattered Man, Broken Dreams, and Life Changing Magic at the End of the World) is a series that chronicles my own transformation through critical illness and obesity, and the foundation of the program that healed me. It’s a real life story of near-death to life. I think you’ll enjoy it.

5. Enroll in The Resurgence Program.  Live workshops are available for both corporate and private groups to introduce you to the foundations of Purposeful Lifestyle Renovation, and a healthier, happier, and more successful life. Uniquely tailored events are being offered at a world-class destination resort in an exotic locale in South America combining both Adventure and Wellness. The Resurgence Program is also being developed into an On-Line Learning program soon to be released on a dedicated Members-Only site. To learn more about The Resurgence Program, go directly to the website HERE.

6. Book me as a speaker. In my previous career, I led too many training workshops and seminars to count, addressed large audiences as a keynote speaker, and presented at private meetings for congressmen and governors. I have a limited timeline of availability due to international travel, so if you have an event or a corporate workshop you would like me to consider, please visit my speaking page, and then email Cynthia, my assistant.

6. Hire me as your personal mentor. I enjoy nothing more than personal interaction with passionate achievers trying to improve their health and the quality of their lives, but travel and commitments make it a very limited opportunity. I charge substantial fees. I am also available for personal mentor connections via email and Skype video if that suits your lifestyle better. If you think you could benefit from one-on-one interaction, please email Cynthia, my assistant.


Please tell us what you think. We want to know!